I am still alive

Yes I’m still here, this month (despite not studying) has been stupidly hectic.  There have been relationship dramas (not mine thankfully, but they’ve impacted on me), there has been the finalisation of my house-repairs and arrival of new furniture to replace that which was damaged by the Great Flood of 2010.  I’ve destroyed and rebuilt this blog 3 or 4 times this month which has been incredibly stressful as I’ve had to learn a whole lot more about WordPress than I ever thought I’d need to, to put it back together.  I’ve received my results from last semester and have submitted an application for Recognition for Prior Learning in order to get credit for the remaining two subjects of my course so that I can finally finish my degree.

I hope, now that most of the drama llamas have been sorted out that I can continue posting all the blog posts that I have blocked out or are sitting in my head.  Some, which were topical to the news at the time, are no longer, but I may or may not comment on them anyway.  I have big plans, I just need the time.

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