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I am in Paris, I have successfully communicated in French (though not well), and I have explored this fine city (which must suck for those who require mobility aids), and taken a stack of photos.

I’ve had some odd and funny moments while here, which I shall share because leaving that hanging would be a bit unfair.

The first was when we were being shown how to take better photos and use our cameras better as part of Randy Harris’s Photo Tours.  Our guide, Rachael, was born in the US and moved to Paris a few years ago, and now as well as being a photographic artist, she shows people how to take better photos for a living.  She was a great teacher, thought that James and I were weird and funny (which we are), and we had a really great time.

James mentioned at some point late in the lessons/tour, something to do with violent crime.  Rachael replied that Paris is a safe city, and has very little violent crime (which was nice to hear), but the violent crime that does exists is mainly in the immigrant communities.  I almost said, “What, like you?” but didn’t and the moment passed.  I wish I had though.

The other funny thing happened today when James and I were wandering Cimetière du Père-Lachaise, we had stopped at a grave for someone from Guatemala, who clearly was important (though we’d not heard of him and didn’t take his name down so can’t look him up now), and James and I both said “Guatemala” several times.  I then overheard a girl of about 10 or so correct us with “Guatemaya”, and her dad hushed her.  I told James, who hadn’t heard it, and he thought it was the funniest thing he’d heard all day.



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