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Malaysia Day… 4?

I’m losing track of the days, which is nice, but the start to the day was not. I woke up this morning after having two nightmares, which is part of my brain accepting that I can relax.  Annoyingly one of the dreams involved my parents, so I woke up being rather annoyed with them – even though it was just a dream.  I hate the way dreams do that.  I know it wasn’t real, but it doesn’t change the initial emotional response.

After waking up to the alarm – the curtains in the room as so good it is difficult to tell the difference between 8am and midnight – we went and had breakfast in the hotel before wandering up to the Petronas Towers to buy tickets to go and see the view from the Sky Bridge.  As it was 11am, and our trip up to the Skybridge was at 3pm, we wandered off to see the KL Aquarium.

We got to see otters! Oh and some fish.  And my feet decided that they didn’t like me. So we had some icecream and waited for my feet to stop hurting, before we wandered through the KLCC gardens back to the Suriya KLCC shopping centre (KLCC = Kuala Lumpur City Centre), listening to the prayers and sermon being broadcast from the mosque.  We took photos at the fountain, and then went and found somewhere in the air conditioning to sit down.

Once my poor feet had recovered we went shopping in Marks and Spencer (which I wish was in Australia) and bought clothes.  I surprised James by calling him on my mobile and asking him what size shirt I should buy him, after I’d found some really nice shirts that I thought would suit him.  It was nice to be able to call him to say hello.

We then went up to the Petronas Twin Towers, travelled up to the 41st floor and then walked out onto the Sky Bridge.  The towers themselves are a remarkable feat of engineering, and the view from the Sky Bridge was amazing.  We grabbed a bite to eat and then returned to the hotel.  My feet were incredibly unhappy with me (no new blisters), so we went down to the pool area to lounge  I read my book, and after we ordered some flourless chocolate cake (omg so good), slowly ate that, lunged some more as the temperature and humidity had dropped as storms were rolling in.  We heard one loud crack of thunder, but nothing more.

We ate at the hotel to rest my poor feet, and tomorrow will go to the Batu Caves to see the Hindu temple there, and then off to Chinatown for eating and even more shopping.


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