Random shit

This morning, while I was sitting at my PC enjoying the last bits of my toast, I heard a car stop and then a guy start yelling.  Being a neighbourly nosey parker, I pulled back the curtains to see a harried young woman being yelled at by a young man.  I wasn’t particularly impressed.  I kept an eye on the couple and she scurried into the drivers seat, where he started yelling louder and then aimed a kick at the door of the car, which I heard impact.  It was at that point that I ran outside to find out if I needed to call the cops or not.  When I got there, the guy was rolling around on the ground whimpering because he’d injured his foot, quite badly.  I asked if I should call the police or ambulance, and was told by the young woman that she was ok, and she thanked me.

It was actually really satisfying to see him whimpering… though annoying that she didn’t a) drive away and leave him to whimper to himself (and hopefully learn a lesson) and b) she comforted him and cheered him up.  By the time I left for work they were both laughing, though I suspect he won’t be kicking anything for a while and his weekend is somewhat ruined.

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