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The post that was eaten by a goat

Well I did write a post on being angry, and the related emotional journey I have had with anger, but it has been eaten, I can only assume by the internet goat.

I can’t find a cached copy of it anywhere, and hadn’t backed up my site immediately after posting, so it’s gone.

Normal service will resume shortly.

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I briefly ran out of bandwidth, making the site unavailable.  I’ve increased my monthly bandwidth quota now, so that shouldn’t happen again, unless I get even more popular.  So we’re back in business.

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It would appear that Mollom is eating comments that people have submitted and not letting me know about them.  I’ll find a new spam filter tonight and install that and deactive Mollom.

I’m sorry if you have commented on my blog and your comment did not appear.  I blame Mollom, as I have only deleted 2 comments recently (past 3 – 4 months) (both  nonsense) and sent one to the spam pit (an attempt to get me to monetise my blog).

So, let me make things much more user friendly.


I’ve moved to Akisment and lodged a complaint with Mollom.  So this blog should be a WHOLE lot more user friendly (including being able to access spammified comments).  Apologies again

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