As Randall Munroe ( commented on penises, isn’t it time as a culture we got over breast size?

Why are bigger breasts better? Why as a culture are women bombarded with images of tiny bodies with massively huge breasts in cartoon or art form and large, fake breasts in porn and advertising.

I like breasts, don’t get me wrong, but as a woman with a DD cup, I’ve thought about breast reduction so they stop getting in the way so much. Have you ever tried to exercise with large fleshy meatsacks strapped to your chest boys?

Believe it or not, many a large breasted woman is jealous of her small breasted friend, the one who will always have perky breasts that will never be affected by gravity, the one who doesn’t have to wear bras ever. Unfortunately those lucky women often feel that their breasts are not as nice as those of us who have larger ones, and they’re sad about it. Trust me, they’re much luckier than me.

So, why this fascination with large breasts? I blame you men. Oh and the women who pander to such men, well not just to men, but to society’s every expectation about what a woman should look/act like, who are then cruel to women who either don’t fit these expectations or who willingly walk away from them.

So… how many men out there are breast fixated? Something about being breastfed as children apparently, or not being breastfed enough. I’m not a psych and make no pretences to understand the deep motivational forces of society, but I’m certainly suggesting that the focus on large breasted women should stop.

At the very least it should stop so that cosmetic surgeons, those that prey on insecurities, from fucking it up quite so often. I find porn on the internet sometimes for personal pleasure, sometimes for curiosity, but mostly because I use Stumble Upon (don’t click that link if you’re a PhD student), and porn is one of my topics of interest. So many women who have had breast augmentation appear in porn, well maybe breast augmentation and porn go together… in fact I find it refreshing when there are women with natural breasts of any size in porn.

What upsets me, is that women who may or may not have had really nice breasts before they had theirs surgically enhanced, get it done and then have horrible disasters on their chests. Nipples that point in directions that nipples hadn’t ever pointed before, breasts that appear as inflated basketballs with no softness whatsoever. I think its the missing softness that upsets me the most. Breasts are soft and snuggly… turning one into an over-inflated air cushion does nothing for me whatsoever.

So, I suppose I want people to get over their own insecurities and do what needs to be done to their body (if anything) but not what a) someone else wants done or b) what you think needs to be done to get ahead.

Really, you’re beautiful… even if people tell you you are not.

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