My trip in India

So I have recently returned from a two and a half week trip in India  I have a lot of photos, they are here. Where do I start.  There are some amazing contrasts in India, not just the well-off and poor divide, but the rapid pace of development and ancient monuments, pollution/litter and … Continue reading

Things to do in Paris

I originally wrote this for my mother, but thought if other people are travelling, and are looking at things to do, then they might find this information useful. The Palace of Versailles There are trains that go directly to Versailles from the centre of Paris and are clearly identified at … Continue reading

Europe 2013: Rome

We arrived in Rome on Sunday, completely wasted and insufficiently prepared for the 38C day ahead of us, and the fact that we had 4 hours between us arriving at our accommodation and being able to check in.  We managed... just.  Mostly we managed by finding gelati, followed by finding a … Continue reading


I've taken a while to write this post because Cologne was complicated.  It was the city we spent the most time in, and the city that I pretty much explored on my own (as James was busy being at Gamescom).  When I travel I tend to do a lot of reading about the place I'm in, or certain landmarks as … Continue reading


I'm on my last night in Amsterdam, and it's a much different city to Paris.  I think that's partly because we approached it in a different way (we were exhausted after Paris and wanted to be more relaxed), and because we chose possibly one of the busiest spots in Amsterdam to stay in.  That and … Continue reading