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Things that are not cool

Apparently I touched a nerve with my comments on Brendan Black’s article in Fairfax on Friday.  Now I can understand someone wanting to rebut the assertions and critique I (a lowly nobody really) made about their piece, but there are ways, and oddly enough my preferred way would be to actually comment on this blog.

But no, Mr Black decided he’d hunt down my personal email address (which is not on this blog) and email me personally.  This is not cool.  He published an article in a public space, I deconstructed the article with my own opinions and readings in a public space.  There was no call for him to dig up my email from the various places it is on the interwebs and personally email me.

I have placed his comment, in which he decides to correct my reading of his article, in the comments section of my blog so you can judge that on its merits.  This is a request for all future people who decide that they REALLY need to write to me about something I’ve written on this blog.  Put it in the comments section.  I do not appreciate being emailed out of the blue by someone who is upset at something I’ve written.

Emailing me privately, after going to the effort of digging up my email, is not flattering, it is down right creepy.

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