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Spam comments

I can’t approve this spam comment because I don’t want to pass traffic through to the spam blog, but I thought I’d share because its funny

Thank you to your words of purpose even though this information is likely to placed some sort of damper around the selling associated with tinfoil hats.

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I get spam

Of course I get spam, I have a blog where comments can be left, but what amuses me is the spam I get.  I (so far) have managed to avoid abusive or unpleasant comments, but I have some amusing comment spammers who leave spam comments, and me scratching my head attempting to figure out what on earth they mean.

I use Akismet and AVH First Defense Against Spam in my blog to trap spam (and it’s VERY successful for me), but I still go through my spam folder to make sure that legitimate comments aren’t trapped as spam, and determine which block IP addresses to block from sites that are spamming me (I also refer to Project Honeypot to determine comment spammers).

I thought I’d share some of the more WTF spam I get for a laugh:

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