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2010 – the year in review

2010 has been a really tough year for people I love and care about, and for me (but to a lesser extent).  I don’t know many people who’ve had a great year, there seems to be an unfortunate coincidence in my social circle of unhappy people, broken relationships, job stress, relationship stress, study stress, health stress and money stress.  If I was asked to nominate the worst years in my life, this year would rank in the top 5 of crap years (which makes me instantly think over the other 4 crap years – how depressing).

So instead, I’m going to focus on the good things – because even though there were some hard, dark and miserable moments this year, there were also some really fantastic moments.  This post is inspired by a conversation I had on Christmas Day with a friend I don’t talk to nearly often enough, who related to me his three best moments of 2010 in order to change focus from the negatives of the year to the positives.  I’d like to share with you my (at least) three most positive moments of 2010, moments that were life-changing, heartening or just plain awesome (I know, I set the bar low don’t I?).

One: James and I recently spent a weekend away in Bright.  Everything was perfect (all things considered).  We hiked, we ate great food, we saw many beautiful things, we took many photos, we had a spa, we relaxed together, we bought cheese from a cheese factory and we had a great time.  Given the time and money pressures both James and I had in 2010, it was absolutely amazing to be able to get away for a weekend and relax.

Rebecca with hat, grinning at the camera
Rebecca grins at the camera with her hands on her hips and a hat shading her eyes

James straining under the weight of a mighty rock
James is strong and holds up the rock

Two: I got a job.  This doesn’t necessarily seem like an amazing thing, but I got a job that I thought I was only just qualified for, for a company that is ahead of its time.  It was really affirming to be told, consistently, that I have everything that this company wants and needs, despite not feeling that myself.  I do feel a little like I’ve joined an elite unit of … something, but on the other hand I’m being paid well to do a job in a field that I’ve just graduated from, and I’m going to get all the on-the-job training I need as well any formal training… and the future opportunities are very bright indeed.

Here is my company and one of the biggest reasons I’m very proud to work here already.

(The video is subtitled, if a transcript is required let me know and I’ll find/create one).

1953… Just as the second wave of the Civil Rights Movement was picking up in the USA.  In 2010, IBM topped the DiversityInc list of Top 10 Companies for Global Diversity.  These things make me happy, and happy to work here too.

[EDIT: I’ve just found this FANTASTIC timeline of IBM diversity, including when the first non-white people were hired, when women were hired, when disabled people were hired, the scholarships and other activities that IBM has undertaken with disadvantaged communities, etc.  It makes great reading]

[EDIT again: IBM paid women equal pay for equal work as of 1935 – I did say ahead of their time]

Three: Taking my “family” to Alice Springs to see where I grew up and what my country is.  I’m deeply attached to Alice Springs and travelling around there is going to my spiritual home.  I like seeing what’s changed and what is the same, measuring the years I’ve been away by what is different and minimising them again by what has remained.  It’s now a regular pilgrimage for me, and will be for a long time.  Being able to show off my home and the places which are special to me, to people I love, was fantastic.  Yes the weather wasn’t great, and the accommodation could have been nicer, but it was great to spend a week with everyone while playing tour guide.

Mount Gillen and clouds
Mount Gillen and clouds
Simpsons Gap cloud kissed
Simpsons Gap cloud kissed
Spiny wattle with water droplets
Spiny wattle with water droplets

My other moments worth mentioning include finally completing and graduating with a Degree (Yay!) and being a refuge for a dear friend when needed.  So, what were your best moments of 2010?

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