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Oh I see…

Trixan Body type icons
Four round circles, one with the face of a man, one with the face of a girl, one with the face of a boy and one of slim woman's waist showing underpants and bra

Apparently women’s underwear should be sold by torsos only – because women don’t have faces.  In this picture (screen capture taken from Trixan Body’s website), you need to see a woman’s bra and underwear to know that is the icon you need to click on, but don’t for men, girls or boys.

Seriously Trixan Body, you fail at appropriate gender depiction… though you do get points for the girl being the only one of the four icons to be looking straight at the “camera”.

So Trixan Body, I won’t be shopping at your site any time soon, even though you have items I want to buy in sizes that will fit me.  When you’ve stopped believing that portraying women as objects/not people then I might come back and look at the items you sell.

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