The moral high ground

Recently I was listening to a conversation between my mother and my sister.  My mother had given up on convincing me to join her at church that Sunday and was talking to my sister instead, hoping to convince her.  My sister patiently explained that she had rather big issues with the way the … Continue reading

Let’s talk about Islamaphobia

Geert Wilders, the bigoted and racist Dutch politician, is in Australia peddling Islamaphobia.  It is safe to say that I pretty much disagree with everything he has to say.  In the marketplace of ideas his viewpoints attract people who already hold the same repugnant views as himself, those that … Continue reading

Archbishop Peter Jensen and sexism

The Anglican Church introduced new wedding vows this week, that included the bride promising to "submit" to her husband. Here I was thinking we lived in the 21st Century, and not the 17th - silly me. Archbishop Jensen, who was part of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (a group who is … Continue reading

Knowing the mind of God

I am regularly amazed that some religious folk claim to know the mind of their god.  I'm specifically referring to the Judeo-Christian god at this point, I have had insufficient exposure to adherents of other religions to know if there any people who claim to speak on behalf of their god/s (though … Continue reading

Forgetting History

George Christensen MP (for Mackay to Townsville, QLD), tweeted this:  Wow. Ex @SenatorBobBrown sledges Aust's top cleric at #NPC. The Church has done more good 4 humanity than Greens ever will. — George Christensen (@GChristensenMP) June 5, 2012 According to George's twitter stream, the top … Continue reading