My trip in India

So I have recently returned from a two and a half week trip in India  I have a lot of photos, they are here. Where do I start.  There are some amazing contrasts in India, not just the well-off and poor divide, but the rapid pace of development and ancient monuments, pollution/litter and … Continue reading


I've taken a while to write this post because Cologne was complicated.  It was the city we spent the most time in, and the city that I pretty much explored on my own (as James was busy being at Gamescom).  When I travel I tend to do a lot of reading about the place I'm in, or certain landmarks as … Continue reading


I am in Paris, I have successfully communicated in French (though not well), and I have explored this fine city (which must suck for those who require mobility aids), and taken a stack of photos. I've had some odd and funny moments while here, which I shall share because leaving that hanging … Continue reading

Mayasia day 5

Today we wandered off to the Batu Caves, a Hindu temple north of Kuala Lumpur.  At the station waiting for the train, we met a Sri Lankan man who was in Malaysia for a Hillsong Conference, as he's training to be a Priest.  We spent the journey chatting to him on the way to the Caves, then ended … Continue reading

Malaysia Day… 4?

I'm losing track of the days, which is nice, but the start to the day was not. I woke up this morning after having two nightmares, which is part of my brain accepting that I can relax.  Annoyingly one of the dreams involved my parents, so I woke up being rather annoyed with them - even though it … Continue reading