Fearmongering about painkillers – codeine

TW Discussion of suicide So  I'll preface this post with the following - I am not someone who uses codeine frequently.  I don't suffer from any form of chronic pain, and apart from when recovering from surgery, will probably have medication containing codeine about once every 4 - 6 … Continue reading

What I don’t even… part whatever

*Warning - the link for the article that I am quoting from below may be considered NSFW* So what happens when you get a GP and Family Planning Specialist, and a Psychotherapist and Life Coach together to write about sex after giving birth?  You end up with this train wreck of an article.  … Continue reading

The default human

Are you? Male Female   How many times have you seen that question?  How many surveys, questionnaires, and/or polls have you been asked which gender you are?  How many times have you seen it asked the other way? … Continue reading