Being out makes a difference

I forget how much of a difference being out makes to other people.  I've been an out bisexual since at least 2006, and I forget what difference that makes to other non straight, non gay and non lesbian people. A couple of weeks ago, I appeared in The Age (nice photo and everything) talking … Continue reading

Religion – coming soon to Docklands

I don't have a problem with religious groups fund-raising amongst their parishioners to purchase land and build places to worship.  I even think it's really nice when several different religious groups get together and share facilities that they've jointly organised/leased, or even if one group … Continue reading

Building a community of the future

*trigger warning - discussion of rape and other violence* I have this idea.  I'm not sure if it would work, or even be possible, but I'd like to try it out - sadly control groups and experimental groups are lacking. A little background might help I guess, because what I'm asking for is … Continue reading

A culture of silence

I’ve found yet another culture of silence I just don’t understand.  This one has nothing to do with physical violence against others, nothing to do with racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic behaviour, and nothing to do with rape apology.  This is all to do with gossip and rumours… … Continue reading