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I’m on my last night in Amsterdam, and it’s a much different city to Paris.  I think that’s partly because we approached it in a different way (we were exhausted after Paris and wanted to be more relaxed), and because we chose possibly one of the busiest spots in Amsterdam to stay in.  That and Paris is mostly on holidays in August, and Amsterdam is not.

Getting around in Amsterdam is again easy, though road crossing are perilous – bikes and scooters (which are treated like bikes apparently) show little regard for red lights, or pedestrian lights, and so a constant watch has to be kept out for them, or you may be collected – they are good at using their bells/horns though, so there is warning (provided you can hear them).

Transport around the city is mostly on foot (or bike if you want to hire one, we didn’t), or tram.  The trams are more accessible than Paris’s Metro, but still not great.  That said, I’ve seen far more people using mobility aids getting around Amsterdam than I did in Paris.

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