Defeat of one of the Marriage Equality Bills

It was a known thing that the vote on this Bill was going to fail.  I didn’t expect the numbers though (42 for, 98 against).  Though those numbers are telling as we now know who is for and who is against marriage equality in the ALP.  The Liberal party were ordered to vote against.

My own MP, Kelvin Thompson (ALP) for the Wills electorate voted against the Bill.  I have just written this letter to him on his contact form:

I am incredibly disappointed to discover today that you voted against the Marriage Equality Bill.  I would love to hear from you why you voted against according those who are in same-sex relationships the equivalent rights as to those who are in opposite sex relationships.

I had hoped as my MP that you would represent my views, and the views of the majority of Australians (as is your job) when voting on the rights of others.

I also thought, that granting rights to people, that do not take away rights of others, was an easy decision, something that would be straight forward to support.

I am eager to hear from you why you believed that this Bill, to allow those people in same-sex relationships to be able to marry each other, was to be voted against.

Please consider when replying to me that your response will have a lot of influence on how I vote for you at the next general election.  I am not interested in receiving a form letter from you, I want to hear your personal reasons for voting against granting rights to a minority group that would equalise their status with the majority.

Let’s see if I get a response to that one.  I will remember that my MP voted against this Bill and has demonstrated that he is not in support of the LGBTIQ community.  That’s something that I won’t forget in a hurry.

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